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SpeechGym for Windows Mobile

System requirements
Using the program


SpeechGym is a software aimed to help people with stuttering problem control their speech fluency keeping a confidence.

SpeechGym software implements Delayed Auditory Feedback (DAF) technique. Basically the program records your voice from a microphone, delays it by a number of milliseconds, and plays the delayed sound back through headphones or speakers.

Read more about DAF:
American Academy of Neurology about DAF
Using delayed auditory feedback
Using SpeechEasy device that is similar to SpeechGym software

SpeechGym is a significant fluency enhancer. You can vary a delay from 40 milliseconds and more. Researches suggest that a delay as modest as 50 milliseconds is sufficient to enhance fluency for those who stutter.

System requirements

1. Pocket PC / Windows Mobile compatible device.

2. Pocket PC + .NET compact framework or Windows Mobile installed.

.NET compact framework is available to download on the Microsoft's website.

3. A microphone and speakers connected to your device. The best choice is a headset that combines headphones and microphone.


1. Connect your mobile device to a personal computer using Microsoft ActiveSync software and start the SpeechGym installation program.

2. Read and accept the license agreement.

3. Get through the installation process guided by ActiveSync. When the installation is completed, you can disconnect your mobile device from the personal computer.

4. Open the Programs folder on the mobile device and tap the SpeechGym icon to start the software.


Press the "Options" button to configure the program:

If needed, specify whether you want to auto start DAF when program starts, select sound quality and change the maximum delay value.

Using the program

The SpeechGym user interface is very simple:

Use the "Delay" slider to change the delay value, and the "Start" and "Stop" buttons to start or stop the process.

Use the "Volume" slider to control your device volume level.

Practise by reading exercises and experiment with the different delay values to find the optimal one. Initial delay may vary from 50 to 100 milliseconds.

After the basic practice you can start using SpeechGym in real situations: speaking with friends and family members, talking on the phone, talking to co-workers etc.


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